Class Types

Prairie Bliss Yoga encourages people of all skill levels to attend classes. We believe that wherever you are in your journey, yoga will be a benefit for you – mind, body and spirit. Every class and each pose can be modified to work for your skill level and body type. All are welcome.

Yoga Foundations

Foundations is our most introductory class, perfect for people who are new to yoga. We will go through yoga poses step by step and ensure proper positioning of the body, and gain familiarity with the poses and movements. (Yoga Foundations isn’t on our current schedule – beginners are encouraged to come to our Bare Bone Basics class instead!)

Bare Bone Basics

A Bare Bone Basics class is perfect for beginners, and ideal for more practiced yogis who wish to brush up on the basics or are having pain in certain poses. Even people who feel that they are not flexible will love this class, as it will help you feel that you’re doing it correctly!


A Flow Yoga class is like moving meditation. In this class we will pair our breathing and movements, balancing core strength and fluidity. This class is more physically challenging than the basics class, and has a deeper focus on the link between mind, body and spirit. While people of all skill levels are welcome in the Flow class, most people will benefit from taking the Bare Bone Basics or Modified Flow class first, to feel more comfortable and confident in each pose.

Modified Flow

A Modified Flow class is really an introduction to Flow, to bridge the gap between a Bare Bone Basics class and a Flow class for those who might not feel ready to jump right into a regular Flow class. This class will be more physically challenging than the Bare Bone Basics and will help people learn how a Flow class flows! Participants are welcome to stay in this class, or take it and then move up to Flow.

Yin Yoga

A Yin Yoga class offers you a space to come and find stillness in your body, mind and breath. As we surrender ourselves into a pose, we will affect our deeper tissues: fascia, ligaments, joints and bones. This quiet, simple practice will help with our ability to really be in the moment, through long held postures. In Yin Yoga, the difficulty doesn’t come from the postures, it come from the stillness; a stillness you will grow to love and yearn for. A Yin Yoga class will help you on the road to becoming more centered, balanced and whole. Perfect for both beginners and more experienced yogis, if you’re a human, then Yin Yoga is for you.

Hybrid – 90 minute Bare Bone Basics & Yin Yoga Combination Class

It’s the best of two worlds – Start off with approximately 30 minutes of Bare Bone Basics to get your blood moving and then merge into 60 minutes of Yin Yoga, finding your stillness and sinking into your body.

Kid’s Yoga

Kid’s Yoga classes are a ton of fun. Through games and songs, kids will learn the basics of yoga. Kids will increase flexibility, balance and strength and help develop concentration abilities. Kids yoga also teaches about body awareness and encourages positive self-image. We encourage parents to stay and engage in the fun, especially for the younger class. (Kids classes aren’t currently a part of our regular schedule, but if you’re interested you can always email us.)

If you are interested in hosting a private yoga class for your employees, mom’s group, daycare centre, or other group, please contact Prairie Bliss to discuss the options we have available for you!