Massage Therapy and Yoga in Brandon, Manitoba


The worldwide pandemic caused by Covid-19 has impacted all of our lives in ways we couldn’t have imagined. Prairie Bliss prides itself on creating relationships with our clients, and much of that ended abruptly in March. We have held off on putting out a statement on the website, opting instead to try and contact clients directly, but we felt that at this point, a general update was needed.


The provincial government announced, with only a few days notice, that massage services can reopen as of Monday, May 4. Although we miss each and every one of you, this news was unexpected and the conditions and restrictions on reopening are still quite unclear.

Prairie Bliss doesn’t feel right about reopening without a well thought out plan that works for both us and our clients. The health and safety of everyone is our top priority so we will be delaying our reopening until we are clear on the required changes and are confident that we can offer a safe environment for everyone.

We are monitoring all of the restrictions, requirements and recommendations as being mandated by the provincial government and by the professional association that Jamie belongs to. We do know that we will have to reduce the number of massages, or perhaps the number of days per week we can offer massage services. If you are a regular client and your regular appointment time will be affected, you will be contacted directly to work out an alternate plan.

If you had an appointment cancelled during our closure, you will be contacted to rebook your appointment as soon as we have our opening date confirmed.


We are thrilled that many of our regular yogis have chosen to join Prairie Bliss Yoga online during this time. There have been a few hiccups as we work through new technology, but our yogis are amazing and understanding. We are so happy to continue to offer online classes to help you keep your body moving. Our current online session runs until the end of May. 

The provincial government has indicated that group fitness classes will not be allowed to reopen until June (at the absolute earliest, quite possibly not until later) and that reopening will be highly restricted. Our yoga space is quite cozy, and if the province mandates a certain amount of space per person, we likely will not be able to reopen in person until the social distancing restrictions change. We will continue to monitor all developments around offering classes, and will offer yoga classes online during this time. 

Moving forward, our online classes won’t be seasonal, but we will be offering membership into the online classes on a monthly basis. Please watch your email for details later this month.

Please contact us if you’d like more information about how online yoga works, or if you would like to participate but do not have a Facebook account.

If you would like to receive advance notice for future classes, sign up for our email list below:

Prairie Bliss currently offers yoga classes and massage therapy services in Brandon, Manitoba.